Battlerite gets new Battlegrounds game mode today

Battlerite battlegrounds mode

Promises are promises and Stunlock Studios kept theirs, with the release of the new Battlegrounds game mode for Battlerite.

The Battlegrounds mode is an objective-based 3v3 mode suited for quick matches. These matches are split into two phases: the event phase (fight to secure or complete objectives), and the assault/defend phase (one team attacks and the other has to defend). The match ends when a team destroys the enemy's Guardian.

Battlegrounds also introduces some new mechanics and a few refinements to existing mechanics. For example, Respawn, Capture Points, NPC’s and Balloons, Power Shards, a Minimap function, an in-game level system, Brush and Guardians. Finally, today's patch brings a new User Interface and a new Battlerites system for players to customize and choose Battlerites before the match, entering the arena with all Battlerites active right from the start.

Battlerite's official launch is slated for November 8, 2017, the day this arena brawler finally switches to free-to-play.

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