Battlerite goes free-to-play on November 8 with a new champion

Battlerite goes free-to-play

Finally! We had to wait for close to an entire year to see it happening, but Battlerite is about to go free-to-play! Stunlock Studios has locked (pun intended) the date when you can grab Battlerite for free: November 8, 2017. This was revealed in a new roadmap where you can see what the developers are working on for this arena brawler.

While the recent Steam reviews are far from the overwhelmingly positive rating that Battlerite once had, they're still very positive, which means this game has enough charm – and hopefully content – to welcome a new influx of players. The roadmap also says that a new champion is coming with the free-to-play launch, but it is a mysterious persona.

But before all of this, starting September 25, there's a free week for you to enjoy, as well as an Halloween Event starting September 29 and stretching for five weeks. During October Battlerite will get a new UI and a new game mode yet to be revealed. Take a look at the roadmap to see what else is coming until the end of the year and also into 2018.

Here's a new video showing the voice talent behind some of the most charismatic champion in this game.


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