Battlerite officially launches and is finally free-to-play

Battlerite officially launches

Man, it took quite some time for this day to come – 14 months, in fact. That is the period between Battlerite entering Early Access and its official release as a free-to-play game.

Which is today, in case you're not following. Battlerite officially launches as free-to-play at 16:00 CET, which means we're almost there! The Battlerite Steam page is right here for your downloading pleasure. There's even a small gift for those who purchased the game during Early Access and Battlerite Lite owners: the Classic Gunslinger Jade outfit with two additional color variations. Thorn, the new Champion, is here as well and the UI was improved in some ways.

But enough talk. Get ready to download Battlerite, as it is a great arena brawler.

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