Battlerite Royale gets first gameplay trailer, opens beta sign-ups

Battlerite Royale standalone game

A few months ago, who would have thought that we would be discussing Battlerite Royale as a completely independent game from its older brother Battlerite? Well, today is the day when the new standalone game gets its first gameplay trailer.

Obviously, it looks a lot like Battlerite, but it's clear that there was a lot of work involved into making this its very own game. Players start by skydiving from the back of a flying dog-dragon creature and land on Talon Island, where lush landscapes, loot and death await them. The map is 30 times larger than your average Battlerite arena map, and the Champions were reworked for better balance in this Battle Royale game.

Battlerite Royale launches on Steam Early Access in September and closed beta sign-ups are already open.

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