Battlerite Royale Halloween Event: Curse Of The Night will spook you

Battlerite Royale Halloween Event: Curse Of The Night

Battlerite Royale is getting on with the Halloween celebrations with the new event Curse Of The Night, launching on October 17 and running for three weeks. This event brings several Halloween-themed additions to one of the latest Battle Royale games.

The Haunted Keep is a Halloween decorated map area that will be available, as well as objects called Trick or Treat Shrines which give players a random buff or debuff. There are also some spooky effects that can transform players into a black cat for increased movement speed, or a ghost that instills panic in players that get up close.

But the Curse Of The Night patch also brings a new champion, Ruh Kaan, The Crypt Warden. This is a character that veteran Battlerite players will recognize and will now be playable.

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