Battlerite Royale island map revealed, look at those colors

battlerite royale island map

Stunlock Studios has revealed the Battlerite Royale Island Map, or at least a nice concept artwork showing what kind of areas you can expect to fight in.

Talon Island is the name of this map and it is 30 times larger than your standard arena map in Battlerite. It is comprised of colorful locations such as ancient tombs, the town of Anvilfall, the Glimmering Woods, the Starlight Oasis, wastelands with remains of forgotten civilizations, abandoned castles, an abandoned fishing village, a couple of bridges and more. Talon Island doesn't come from out of nowhere. It is located in the Great River Valley of Daharin and is home to Champion Ulric, The Unwavering Light.

Battlerite Royale will be available in July 2018. The developer update has some extra artworks.

battlerite royale island map

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