Battlerite Royale delayed, beta test invites coming soon

Battlerite Royale release date delay

Stunlock Studios has just delayed the release of the Battle Royale mode for its arena brawler. Initially planned for a July release, Battlerite Royale will now be available at a later, yet undisclosed date.

All of this was revealed in today's Dev Update where Ilves, Battlerite's Game Director, says that the team wanted to push the experience a bit further. What this actually means is that they are working on rebalancing Champions for the Royale mode to make it a fairer experience, creating and balancing an item system, and creating a dedicated matchmaking and ranking system solely for this mode. They hint at other features being reworked, such as the HUD, and the minimap is being expanded, in part due to the larger size of the Royale map. But it doesn't end here.

Stunlock Studios promises that an estimated release and beta testing dates will be announced as soon as possible, and the beta invitations are already being looked upon. As for the rest, the studio is also working on the Battlerite releases in China and Korea.

Battlerite Royale release date delay

Battlerite Royale release date delay

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