Surprise: Battlerite Royale is going to be a standalone game

Battlerite Royale standalone game

Stunlock Studios has just announced that the Battle Royale mode for Battlerite is now becoming its own standalone game. I can tell you right now that I wasn't expecting this and I don't know how Battlerite Royale is going to perform, but I guess they must be confident in the quality of the game. Let's just hope it's not another Robocraft Royale, right? I mean, just look at that.

Battlerite Royale is coming to Steam Early Access late September 2018, featuring a map that is 30 times larger than your average Battlerite arena map. Players begin by skydiving from the back of a huge dragon – probably because buses and planes were already taken, but to be honest, it looks more like a giant dog with wings to me, or maybe this isn't the right picture – and fight other Champions to get their loot and be the last one standing. Stunlock Studios says that all the Champions had to be reworked for this new gameplay mode, along with systems such as matchmaking, interface and more.

Apparently, Early Access isn't going to be free, as the devs say that “Battlerite Royale will be available to purchase in Early Access”, something that also happened with the original Battlerite game. However, considering the crowded Battle Royale market and with the free Fortnite Battle Royale chewing all the competition, this could be more of a mistake than an advantage. One of the good things is that every cosmetic that you have earned or will earn in the original Battlerite will be shared with your Battlerite Royale account.

Stunlock Studios promises a roadmap for August 13, 2018, and that is the day when the sign ups for the closed beta will open. A FAQ is also in the works, and you can check a few screens and more info in the official post.

Battlerite Royale standalone game

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