Battlerite: work on free to play launch beginning, new champion Raigon soon

Stunlock Studios has revealed in a new development update that the studio will be working on preparing Battlerite for Free-To-Play launch in the next coming months. Now, don't get your hopes up already as the last time we heard, the jump to free-to-play was planned for late 2017, and nothing in this new update refers to a date change.

The post details a lot of the plans for Battlerite, including the possibility of introducing 1v1 matches and even a campaign mode to enhance the new user experience, as player retention is something that the studio wants to improve. A new user interface is also in the works and the patch 0.11.0 will deploy tomorrow and among other things brings one new champion, Raigon: The Exiled Prince.

Definitely a lot coming for Battlerite, but we wouldn't expect a free-to-play launch before the final quarter of 2017.


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