Battlerite is getting into magic with new champion Zander

Battlerite Zander

Do you like magic? Do you think that great magicians usually make a killing on the stage? Well, Zander is well capable of doing that, but on the Battlerite arena, when he is added soon.

Zander is shaping up to be a great character, filled with tricks up his sleeve. There isn't an official fact sheet yet, but the announcement video shows various abilities, each one more impressive than the previous. For example, Zander is capable of turning into a rabbit for a quick escape (but still keeping his top hat, because looks are everything). He is also capable of conjuring a mirror image to double the firepower and confuse the enemy players.

And what about the ability where Zander throws his top hat against his enemies, to turn them into sheep? This has the potential to be really funny.

Stunlock Studios is yet to reveal Zander's release date, but I'm guessing we'll be playing him before the end of the month.


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