Beta for APB Riot mode goes live tomorrow in APB Reloaded (Updated)

APB Reloaded APB Riot mode

Update: The APB Riot update was delayed to next week due to technical issues with the Easy Anti Cheat system.

Tomorrow, June 5, is the day when the APB Riot mode will enter beta in APB Reloaded. This is part of the largest content update for the cops and robbers MMO since it was acquired by developer Little Orbit.

In development for nearly a year, APB Riot is a team-based collapsing map mode with some similarities to Battle Royale, but it's not Battle Royale as there's more to it. Blocks of the district will slowly close off due to the presence of lethal chemicals, with your objective being to collect enough cash to escape in the van that arrives on the final safe block. The player with the highest cash stash – the bribe – will escape and win. You can read more about the APB Riot mode on the official blog.

This update brings more content, including the legendary weapon NTEC-7 Compact “New Glory”, as well as upgrades to the anti-cheat system and servers.

APB Reloaded APB Riot mode


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