Black Desert: Beast Master class available today

Just as announced, today is the day when the Beast Master class, previously known as Tamer, joins the other four classes in Black Desert Online. A new trailer highlighting the combat skills of the Beast Master was also released. And… Is it a teaser for the Blader class that we see during the final seconds of this trailer?

The official Facebook page from Pearl Abyss, developers of Black Desert Online, describes the Beast Master this way: “The oriental style young lovely new character was born in Korea. She's Korean name is “금수랑”_Keum Soo Rang. Additionally, she has a special skill which could summon a beast to move even faster to combat.”

We have to note that the Tamer was turned into the Beast Master apparently due to difficulties to make her a proper “tamer”. It seems that now she is only able to summon the black beast, instead of the original idea of being able to tame other creatures. The change was made to benefit gameplay, since the original concept was too difficult to implement.

The video shows just how fast and agile the Beast Master is, as well as the possibilities that the summoned dark beast brings to combat, including mounted combat.

Black Desert is coming to the West in 2016, with the beta scheduled for sometime this year.

beast master


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