Black Desert Guardian class revealed, female counterpart to Berserker?

Black Desert Guardian class

Pearl Abyss has revealed the Black Desert Guardian class, the next playable character coming to the fantasy MMORPG. This news has been circling the web for over a week, but it is worth sharing with you all because it is going under the radar.

Well, it's also worth mentioning the Guardian class because she looks brutal, and there is some speculation that she could be the female counterpart to the Berserker. While the official page reveals some lore, most of it about gods, the black spirit, and how the Guardian is the master of the Holy Flame.

The Black Desert Guardian class is earning some criticism for being “another female class”. An understandable point of view considering that of the current 18 classes available, only seven are male. However, this is a common practice in MMORPGs because female classes are in more demand. The Guardian's side-boob and thick thighs are surely going to win her some fans, but the massive axe is also a big selling point.

On a related note, if you're wondering why we're discussing a premium game like Black Desert Online here, there are a few reasons for it. First and foremost, this is a free-to-play game in various territories, although not in North America and Europe; furthermore, there are frequent offers where you get to play the game for a few days and keep it for free forever, so it's not like this one is playing hard to get.

Pearl Abyss hasn't yet revealed when the Guardian class will be available. The Korean studio is working on Crimson Desert, the PvE-focused MMORPG that began development as a prequel to Black Desert. Running on a new proprietary engine, Crimson Desert is a promising MMO where the story seems to be the at the forefront.

Check the new class in all her tattooed glory below.

Black Desert Guardian class

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