Black Desert Japan teases new Ninja class and halfling race

In an event recently held in Japan, Pearl Abyss teased a bit about what's to come later this year in the Japanese version of Black Desert Online. Besides the already familiar Wizard and Witch class as well as the Kunoichi class, there was a teaser artwork about what looks like a ninja class, as you can see below.


There was also some talk about a class that uses a Greatsword. But other, even more appealing teaser concerned the シャイ race, which the studio is planning to turn into a playable one. This race (which we could only translate as ‘Shai', or ‘Shy', but we'll call halflings due to their hobbit kind of look. This race already exists in Black Desert Online but is nothing more than NPCs for now (thanks MMOCulture). I guess it was taking a while for Black Desert to get some kind of loli class, don't you think?


Black Desert Online will be playable in North America and Europe late 2015 in alpha or beta form, Western Community Manager Oli has confirmed.


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