Black Desert Mobile global website opens, releases new trailer and talks 2019 launch

Black Desert Mobile global release 2019

Pearl Abyss just opened the Black Desert Mobile global website, confirming that this highly anticipated MMORPG is simultaneously releasing on iOS and Android sometime in 2019.

Black Desert Mobile was previously expected to release in Q1 2019 in North America and Europe, but it ended up being delayed to late 2019.

This MMORPG had record-breaking sales in Korea, releasing in Japan and Taiwan as well. Along with its older brother Black Desert Online, it prompted Pearl Abyss to purchase EVE Online publisher CCP Games in September 2018.

Black Desert Mobile isn't a carbon-copy of the original game, revamping the maps and in-game content to feel better suited for mobile devices. It runs on a proprietary engine and will feature action-combat, as well as the exciting classes that we already know, starting with the Warrior, Giant, Witch, Ranger and Valkyrie. More will be added with future content updates, mirroring the classes and awakenings from Black Desert Online.

The official website is right this way. Watch the Black Desert Mobile E3 2019 trailer below, along with some class trailers. It's awfully pretty, isn't it?


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