Black Desert Mobile global trailer asks ‘are you ready’ for launch?

Black Desert Mobile global

A new Black Desert Mobile global trailer is reminding players that the launch is right around the corner. The portable version of one of the best MMORPGs released in recent years is going to launch this winter.

Black Desert Mobile is set in a medieval world and brings the same towns and classes from the original Black Desert Online game. However, it will offer a smaller class selection at launch, with more classes coming down the line. You can expect five classes to start with: Warrior, Giant, Ranger, Witch and Valkyrie.

This won't be an issue, since Pearl Abyss adds content to its MMORPGs at a relentless pace. Black Desert Mobile Korea already received the Lahn class, among others, and the awakened classes should provide you with plenty of different thrills.

The  Black Desert Mobile global character creation may not reach the obsessive heights of Black Desert Online, but features an impressive level of customization that few games are able to match. The trailer shows a few examples, with the body proportions being one of the highlights.

As for the rest, Black Desert needs no introduction. It's a stunning MMORPG with an incredible depth and the mobile version follows suit. Black Desert Mobile is a roaring success in Korea, being one of the reasons that allowed Pearl Abyss to acquire EVE Online developer CCP Games. Black Desert Mobile is available in Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Pearl Abyss has several other games in development. Project CD is an ambitious AAA RPG for the global market that will use the studio's new engine. Project K is a shooter led by Counter-Strike creator, Minh Le, a.k.a. Gooseman, while Project V is a colorful and casual family-friendly MMORPG.

There is also mention of Shadow Arena, but this was the name of a short-lived battle royale mode for Black Desert Online. Eventually, Pearl Abyss may be looking into turning it into a standalone game, but for now it's a big mystery.


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