Black Desert Mobile Korea adds Lahn with the cheesiest trailer ever

Black Desert Mobile Lahn

I'm all in favor of stories with a twist, but the latest Black Desert Mobile trailer is cheesy beyond belief. To introduce Lahn, the latest character coming to the South Korean server, Pearl Abyss released the trailer that you can watch below.

The trailer starts with a man running on the lovely beach that you surely know from Black Desert Online as sitting on the shore of the town of Velia. He looks like a tourist, with his sandals and shorts, looking back as Lahn, apparently in love, chases him. Her gentle smile doesn't give her intentions away, but they are revealed when she attacks the poor, defenseless man using her Crescent Pendulum weapon. Ouch!

Suddenly, Lahn jumps, spins and the teaser ends. My sympathies for the poor guy that got hit without a chance of fighting back. The cheesy music surely mislead many of those who were watching. 

Lahn is a great martial artist, extremely agile and with fantastic evasion skills, perfect for AoE attacks as well. The Crescent Pendulum is her main weapon but she also uses a sword as her secondary weapon.

Black Desert Mobile is a mobile adaptation of the successful PC original MMORPG Black Desert Online. Heralded as one of the best action MMORPGs ever created, it is also often criticized for alleged pay-to-win tactics. Nonetheless, it's a fantastic world that is jaw-dropping and deserves to be thoroughly explored, even more with the incredible action combat and diverse classes – Shai is the latest class in Black Desert Online, and she is absolutely kawaii, for better and for worse.

The Korea, Japan and Taiwan Black Desert Mobile releases were extremely profitable to its creator Pearl Abyss, which prompted it to purchase EVE Online developer CCP Games. The global launch of Black Desert Mobile is scheduled for late 2019 and the official site is already open, in case you want to subscribe for updates.


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