Black Desert Mobile adds limited time co-op battlefield Field of Valor

Black Desert Mobile Field of Valor

Black Desert Mobile is getting a limited time mode called Field of Valor, which is going to be available for one week. In this mode, you get to participate in a five-player co-op battle against diverse monsters.

These battles last for around 30 minutes and you need to spend tokens to enter the battlefield. You can acquire the tokens via log-in rewards and rare drops, with party members sharing the rewards that the team earns during combat. Loot includes weapons, armor, gold coins, Dark Energy, and large amounts of silver, among others.

The Shakatu’s Shop event will also run for one week. In this shop you can purchase weapons and armor, with ancient gold coins, with item type ranging from normal to mystical. Starting today, February 4, the odds of earning higher grade gear from Shakatu’s Shop are vastly increased.


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