Black Desert Mobile new feature Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave is coming soon

black desert mobile new feature

A Black Desert Mobile new feature called Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave was announced today. Pearl Abyss is going to release it through a free content update for the free MMORPG. Life is much better when things are free, right?

This addition comes in two distinct flavors. One of them allows you to fight other players in a PvP mode, while the other will pit human adventurers against fierce monsters. The battle is limited to 100 adventurers, with special rewards such as high grade gear and black stone being handed over as you conquer the monsters.

The Black Desert Mobile rank system will see a revamp with this update. Previously, it was based on the server that you were on, but in the future it will be shown for all the servers combined, so that you can see your global position – you get to compare your skills with Black Desert Mobile players across each region: North America, Europe, and Asia.

One final word to the new buff of resonance for +3 and +4 accessories. This is also coming with the free update, allowing players to become stronger with the best enhancement accessories.

Recently, Black Desert Mobile welcomed the latest class, the Sorceress. However, Pearl Abyss has a lot more in store as the Black Desert Mobile roadmap for 2020 shows. At least one new class is expected, as well as a new region: Southern and Northern Mediah.

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