Black Desert Mobile roadmap reveals new classes, zones, and more

Black Desert Mobile roadmap

The Black Desert Mobile roadmap was just revealed, showing that Pearl Abyss has a lot of good stuff in store for 2020. With the global launch slated for December 11, you can pre-download the game and start tinkering with character customization on December 9.

We have played Black Desert Mobile in its soft launch and were very pleased with what the makers of Black Desert Online managed to squeeze into the mobile phones. Watch our Black Desert Mobile gameplay to see what you can expect.

Black Desert Mobile roadmap 2020 highlights

According to the Black Desert Mobile roadmap, every quarter should bring new classes. Not just one, but several, as the list implies.

Q1 2020 is also adding Portuguese support to the game, in case you feel at home with this language.

Throughout the year, the world of Black Desert Mobile is going to grow with the addition of new regions. Southern and Northern Mediah, and Western and Northern Valencia will be ripe for exploring at different phases of 2020.

There are other features that are being developed for Black Desert Mobile, but Pearl Abyss isn't entirely sure about when they will make it into the game. Thus, we have a sneak-peek, but no confirmation on the release stage.

Blood Kin is the most interesting system, allowing you to instantly summon a friend to your side, no matter the distance between you. A feature where you can notify your friend via phone message is being worked on, so that you can annoy… er, request your friend's aid even when he is offline.

You can also expect a new reward system called The Fame of an Adventurer. Through this, you can send and receive admiration to and from other players, earning some items in the process.

Black Desert Mobile's global launch will exclude the following regions due to legal issues: Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Black Desert Mobile roadmap 2020

Q1 2020

  • Portuguese language support
  • New classes
  • New zone: Southern and Northern Mediah
  • New world boss: Karanda

Q2 2020

  • New classes
  • New zone: Western Valencia
  • New world boss: Nouver
  • New PvE content: Merchantry
  • New PvP content: Siege Wars
  • Reinforced skill
  • Special boss rush

Q3 2020

  • New classes
  • New zone: Northern Valencia
  • New PvE content: Tower of Trials
  • Class awakening

Q4 2020

  • New classes
  • Enraged world boss series
  • New PvE content: Path of Glory
  • Class ascension

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