Black Desert Mobile sneak peek reminds us of the upcoming English version

Black Desert Mobile sneak peek

Pearl Abyss just decided to give us a Black Desert Mobile sneak peek to remind everyone that the English version is coming. This MMORPG already released in Korea roughly a year and a half ago, with Japan and Taiwan also having successful launches.

Black Desert Mobile tries to deliver the same experience seen in the original PC game Black Desert Online. However, the maps and content were revamped to better suit the mobile platform, and there's an entirely new in-house engine to show those amazing visuals.

The Black Desert Mobile sneak peek in itself is more than a little slim, consisting of a meager two images. One of them shows the character customization, which isn't quite up to the standards of the PC version, but remains a powerful tool that puts to shame many other MMORPGs. The other image is about the skills, displaying the True Shot skill and others that you get to unlock as you progress.

Black Desert Mobile global releases in Q4 2019, with rumors pointing to an October release. You can check the official website if you want to learn more about this game, which is likely to be a huge success if its history in other territories and the legacy of the PC original are anything to go by.

Black Desert Mobile sneak peek Black Desert Mobile sneak peek

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