Black Desert Mobile Sorceress class is live, show off to win prizes

Black Desert Mobile Sorceress class

The Black Desert Mobile Sorceress class goes live today, bringing one of the beloved starting classes from Black Desert Online. The Sorceress is a versatile class, mixing melee and ranged attacks, using dark magic via her amulet and talisman weapons.

If you're really fond of your brand new Sorceress, why don't you share her with the world? That is what Pearl Abyss wants you to do in a new event that started today and runs until February 24, 2020. You can use text, images, or video to convince the judges, and if you are one of the 20 lucky winners, you get the following:

  •  Pet: Crow (Tier 1) x 1
  • Good Weapon Black Stone x30
  • Master Skillbook x20
  • Appearance Coupon (7 days)

The crow is a new pet and there aren't many ways to get it, apart from this event and purchasing a growth package. So, if you want a ravenous bird as your faithful companion, start showing off your Black Desert Mobile Sorceress class.

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