Black Desert: ninja class is coming later this month

Pearl Abyss has unveiled the 12th playable class in Black Desert Online and just as the teaser led us to believe, the class is the ninja, the male counterpart to the Kunoichi. The male ninja should land in the South Korean version of Black Desert later this month. The ninja style is said to be based on stealth but we're yet to see how this will translate into an MMORPG of the Black Desert kind – a reveal trailer should be available soon.

Black Desert is going to receive plenty more updates for the following months, including a new weapon system where a character is able to use another weapon, different from the original one, as soon as he or she reaches a certain state. Part two and three of the Valencia region are also planned, trading the infinite sand for places by the sea and even including pirate ships.

As you should know by now, late 2015 should also bring Black Desert Online's first western test, either an alpha or beta.



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