Black Desert O’dyllita update releases for free this year

Black Desert O'dyllita update

Pearl Abyss has revealed the Black Desert O'dyllita update, another expansion for the open world MMORPG. Just like it happens with every update, you can get it for free.

O'dyllita is coming to Black Desert Online later this year, offering a new region full of dangers, awe-inspiring sights, and a “dark reputation.” Described as the region with the most difficult areas currently in the game, it is expected to be a true challenge for every veteran.

A new marquee armor set will be available for crafting, the Blackstar armor. By collecting materials in several areas of O'dyllita, you start assembling the new and shiny armor set.

Today, March 3, 2020, marks the fourth anniversary of Black Desert Online in North America and Europe. You can expect multiple events and rewards, and there's even an infographic showing just how much the game has grown – the Dark Knight and the Sorceress are by far your favorite classes.

The Black Desert O'dyllita update release date is yet to be disclosed, but you can expect it before the end of 2020.

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