Battle Royale coming to Black Desert with Shadow Arena

Black Desert Online Battle Royale Shadow Arena

Black Desert Online Korea is about to get a Battle Royale mode called Shadow Arena. This mode will support 50 players and apparently developer Pearl Abyss is replying to player requests. So it's all your fault, players!

We're kidding, obviously! Black Desert Online is in fact one of the MMORPGs that feature a combat system that is best suited for the action that a Battle Royale mode requires, and we don't mind the jaw-dropping areas to explore as well.

Players begin as a small black spirit that has to find a fallen adventurer and possess it. Then it's a matter of farming equipment and fighting to be the last one standing.

This mode was available in Black Desert Korea's test server in December and will now be the focus of an event featuring a few Korean celebrities, starting January 15, 2019. It will find its way into the North American and European versions during this year.

Black Desert Online Battle Royale Shadow Arena


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