Black Desert Online Guardian awakening update coming soon

Black Desert Online Guardian awakening

The Black Desert Online Guardian awakening is coming soon to Korea, North America, and Europe. The latest class coming to the popular action MMORPG is evolving from a simple Barbarian, so to speak, into some sort of kick-ass priest of light.

The Guardian awakening gameplay trailer describes this class as an executor who carries the light. The Guardian's awakening weapon is the Jördun, enabling players to “wield the holy flame of Ynix to desolate your enemies with sweeping arcs of your new massive polearm.” I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it.

The Guardian awakening release is slated for February 5, 2020. This is for PC platforms, since the PS4 and Xbox One versions still have a bit of catching up to do. In the meantime, poor Black Desert players here in the west are still waiting for the Guardian class release on January 22, 2020. Only a week to go, so hang in there, with the Guardian awakening coming two weeks after that.

How about some awesome Black Desert Guardian gameplay? Hit this link and your wishes are granted.

Do you want to play Black Desert Online on PC but don't have $9.99 to spare for one of the best action MMORPGs? Well, you can always try the game for free during seven days to help you make up your mind.

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