Black Desert Online is wiped out in Russia, all player data possibly lost (updated)

Black Desert Online is wiped out in Russia

These are tough times for Russian Black Desert Online players, as GameNet, publisher of the Russian version is going through some legal issues with developer Pearl Abyss. Amidst this confusion, all Black Desert Online player data during the last three years seems to be lost forever – progression, money invested by players and so on.

There is no clear way to solve this issue and both GameNet and Pearl Abyss are pointing fingers at each other. GameNet says that they tried to extend the license agreement for any necessary period to ensure the transition process, but the claims were denied, with Pearl Abyss ordering to stop the service on October 12, 2018. The Russian publisher also mentions that everything had to be done “by law”, and that they have done everything possible to assure “the legality of the transfer of service and actions of the parties.”

Pearl Abyss has commented on the matter, and it is looking highly unlikely that player date will ever be recovered:

We tried to obtain ownership of the operation of the Black Desert Russia game and transfer all game data legally, but these attempts were unsuccessful. In this regard, we are forced to tell you the sad news about the impossibility of transferring game data.”

Since the negotiations failed, and we could not get a database, transfer files, purchase history, etc. – the transfer of information became impossible, and our company was forced to make changes to the plans for servicing Russian users. Unfortunately, we have no other options than to start working without this data.”

For now, both parties have to settle this situation and then we'll probably get a Russian version published and managed by Pearl Abyss. How long this is going to take, no one can say for sure.

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