Black Desert Online goes Blade & Soul with new character

Black Desert Online Ran

There is a new character coming soon to Black Desert Online in Korea. That is right, that version that is actually free-to-play, unlike the one we got in North America and Europe. Don't blame me for being salty.

Anyway, this class is apparently inspired by Asian traditions or, at least, the fantasy martial arts kind seen in games such as Blade & Soul. Ran is the name of this female character and she has some kind of gliding ability that NCsoft's MMORPG is also known for. Ran uses a short sword in one hand and some sort of scythe tied to a yellow ribbon, to use as Kratos uses his chains in God of War, methinks.

To reinforce the fantasy style of this new character, she even runs with her arms stretched behind her back, pretty much in Naruto fashion.

You can see Ran's announcement trailer below. More details – in Korean – are here.

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