Black Desert: Valkyrie class is coming, new screens

The April update for Black Desert Online will bring the new Valkyrie class, a female playable class that is the counterpart to the Warrior. She has similar abilities and fighting style to the Warrior, but she is capable of healing allies and giving buffs.

The Valkyrie will be the seventh playable class in Black Desert, but the April update will also bring a new area known as Pirate Island, with two new dungeons. This goes in line with the recent addition of pirate-themed outfits in the cash shop, as you can see in our video. It's very likely that the next class to be added in the game is the Wizard, since this was one of the classes already teased many months ago.

Enjoy the new Valkyrie screenshots while you wait for updates on the development of the western versions of Black Desert.

black desert valkyrie 1

black desert valkyrie 2

black desert valkyrie 3

black desert valkyrie 4

black desert valkyrie 5

black desert valkyrie 6

black desert valkyrie 7

black desert valkyrie 8


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