Black Desert: Wizard and Female Blader classes teased

Pearl Abyss has recently held a live event in South Korea to talk about Black Desert Online (thanks MMOCulture) and reveal some of the exciting upcoming content, including two new classes and the new desert region Valencia, with this region being released with the final launch of the game, when it leaves open beta.

As for the new classes, one of them is called Plum Flower for now, and is the female counterpart of the Blader. Both should have similar skills, but Plum Flower seems more inclined to the Chinese martial arts culture and uses a traditional sword instead of the Blader's katana.


The Wizard is a long-awaited class – it was one of the few classes teased in the first couple of Black Desert trailers – and the big surprise is that it is expected to be released in both male and female versions. This should leave no space for the usual gender-locking arguments, although Pearl Abyss seems to be slowly adding both genders to most, if not all, classes in the game.


Recently there has been some fear surrounding the Korean version of Black Desert Online taking a very casual approach, but hopefully the western versions, which are expected to launch during 2016, will be much different in that regard.


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