Black Desert’s character creation will make some jaws drop

During the first Black Desert Online closed beta there was nothing to see concerning the character creation system, but this was widely understandable since developer Pearl Abyss had warned players about it. However, it kept us guessing about the potential of the character creation and how much we could tinker with the beautiful characters.

Today, in preparation for the second Korean closed beta, Pearl Abyss and publisher Daum revealed the character creation in detail and what we can say is that it is one of the most in-depth customization systems ever created. The facial features are mindblowing, you can change pretty much everything and how much you want to: how long and how curly the hair is, if you want it colored and which strands, you can even adjust the size of the pupils and add some decoration to the iris. Want to change the size of the lashes? You can do that too, even add some eye shading, a bit of blush, wrinkles… It's pretty much insane all the stuff that you can do.

This level of detail extends to the body features – you can adjust every limb, add muscles, even get your character in some poses to showcase your customization abilities.

Overall, the Black Desert Online character creation is clearly one of the most advanced we've ever seen, but don't just take our word, watch the video below. The second Korean Black Desert closed beta begins April 22, 2014.

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