Blade and Soul 2 news surface, devs planning overseas launch

Blade and Soul 2 news

We haven't heard any Blade and Soul 2 news since… well, almost forever. Announced in 2017, the last real news surfaced in 2018, when NCSoft said that it was going to delay the mobile MMORPG into 2019 for a complete overhaul. It looks like things weren't living up to the standards of the original PC MMORPG. During the official reveal of NCSoft's financial results for the first quarter of 2020, there were some investor questions about Blade and Soul 2 (thanks MMOCulture).

The Blade and Soul 2 release date remains a mystery, although the studio promises something for the last quarter of 2020. This doesn't mean that this is the release schedule, it's more likely that they will reveal the release time frame by the end of the year.

Being a mobile MMORPG with a strong Eastern flavor, NCSoft is planning on launching the game in South Korea first. Nothing unusual so far, but there are plans for an overseas release. In fact, since Blade & Soul PC had a good performance in North America and Europe, the development of this sequel is taking the overseas market into consideration.

Some worries were expressed over the possible clash between Blade and Soul 2 and Lineage 2M, two strong NCSoft games. However, the studio doesn't seem to be worried, claiming that the games are targeting different audiences.

We'll follow Blade and Soul 2 and report on any news as they surface. Hopefully a new gameplay trailer won't take too long. In the meantime, watch one of the few available trailers, which should give you absolutely no clue about the game itself.

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