Blade and Soul Korea is getting Lyn Assassin class today

Blade and Soul Korea Lyn Assassin

The Lyn race is about to open up to an additional class. Blade and Soul Korea is getting the Lyn Assassin class first today, on October 7, but it will eventually reach the North American and European servers, because that's just how it goes with every new piece of content for NCsoft's MMORPG.

The Lyn isn't the most consensual of races, but perhaps the Assassin class is going to convince more players, as its stealthy moves may be something that many players are looking forward to. Besides, there is a third spec to unlock for every character from the Assassin class.

It's too early to get any actual details on the Lyn Assassin, but as soon as we have a gameplay video or an update for the western servers of Blade and Soul, we'll get back to it.

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