Blade and Soul Storm of Arrows update adds Archer class, get a free pack

Blade and Soul Storm of Arrows

The Blade and Soul Storm of Arrows update is going to bring a new class to NCsoft's fantasy martial arts MMORPG. The Archer class is the new kid on the block, but apparently this is such a zen class that it ended up being officially called Zen Archer.

This update will land on September 18, 2019, and brings more than the Zen Archer class. Blade & Soul players can also expect to see new legendary weapons and accessories, new dungeons, and quality of life improvements.

But there's more. To celebrate the arrival of the Archer class, you can get a Zen Archer Bullseye Pack for free when the update goes live, if you register an account before September 13, 2019. Check the update page to learn the details on how to get the free pack.

Here is what the pack includes:

  • Archangel Costume
  • Archangel Hair Adornment
  • Archangel Earrings
  • Special Hongmoon XP Charm x2
  • Radiant Core x10
  • Radiant Nebula Stone

The Blade and Soul Storm of Arrows comes with a new 6-person dungeon called Cathedra Cliffs, and a new 12-person Raid Dungeon titled Throne of Oblivion.

This is a great update for Blade & Soul, and a small step in the direction of something that many fans are eagerly waiting for – the Unreal Engine 4 graphical update, more commonly known as the Blade & Soul Vision update. Scheduled for a 2019 release in Korea, it is coming to North America and Europe sometime during 2020, if everything goes according to plan.


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