Blade & Soul is aiming at a competitive 2017 with official tournaments

In a new official update, NCSoft's Community & Social Director Omeed Dariani has revealed the studio's plans to take the Blade & Soul competitive play into a new tier during 2017. After adding the 1v1 spectator mode with the Ebondrake Citadel expansion, NCSoft is now aiming to create a more robust competitive environment in North America and Europe, to recognize the top Blade & Soul players.

During 2016 NCSoft will support community tournaments, but sometime during 2017 the studio will turn this into official support and sending players to the 2017 World Championship. For now, community-run tournaments by Imperial (North America) and Legion (Europe) will be officially sponsored by NCSoft.

Are you a competitive Blade & Soul player or more of a PvE kind of player?

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