Blade & Soul Archer class is coming to Korea on June 12, cinematic trailer released

Blade Soul Archer class launch

NCsoft is ramping up promotion of the next Blade & Soul class, the Archer. We have talked about it a few weeks ago and now the official microsite is open, with all things archer.

By the end of this post you can see the new Blade & Soul cinematic trailer trailer introducing the Archer. It's an action packed CGI trailer that shows some exciting clashes to the sound of a powerful hard rock song. Not bad, I'm sure you'll agree.

For those looking for anything regarding the Unreal 4 upgrade, there is no sign of the Vision Update in this trailer. While the first Archer class teaser did show us a few seconds of what is bound to become one of the most significant updates in Blade & Soul history – or any MMO history, for that matter -, today is not the day when we get our second look at it. Hopefully it will still launch during 2019 in Korea and 2020 in western territories.


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