Blade & Soul reveals Archer class and teases stunning Unreal Engine 4 revamp

Blade and Soul Archer class

There's a new update coming to Blade & Soul Korea on March 27 and it comes with a couple of interesting things. But the more interesting fact about it is what it doesn't bring… Or to put it in other words, what it teases for the coming months.

But first things first. The update brings a new awakening for the Kung Fu Master class which transforms you into a big, bad wolf, as you can see in the trailer below. There is a new dungeon as well, but if you skip to 2:14, this is when the upcoming Archer class is revealed to the world. Looks pretty stylish, don't you think?

The trailer ends in a high note with some stunning visuals from Blade & Soul's Vision update, which is expected to land during 2019. It looks like a completely different game, right?

Since we can't have Blade & Soul 2 on PC, this is probably the next best thing to happen with NCSoft's fantasy martial arts MMORPG.


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