Blade and Soul Astromancer class is live with new Cosmic Horizon update

Blade and Soul Astromancer class

There's a new class live in Blade and Soul and it comes with some nifty abilities. For example, bending space to teleport to different locations, or harnessing the power of the cosmos to unleash devastating attacks. Sounds tempting, and the new class is live since September 23. The new Blade and Soul Astromancer class is the 13th class joining NCsoft's fantasy martial arts MMORPG, and just one of several introductions coming with the latest content expansion, Cosmic Horizon.

The Astromancer is described as a long-range DPS class and it is exclusive to the Lyn race, so if you prefer other races, you won't be so lucky. The Astromancer is a highly destructive unit that is in tune with the natural world, and it works perfectly as it supplies timely support to nearby classes. With high mobility and long range attacks, the Astromancer isn't shy when it comes to using buffs to support the team, while inflicting debuffs and crowd control effects.

Blade and Soul Astromancer class

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The Cosmic Horizon update brings a host of other features. There's the new Call to Arms event, a Naryu Sanctum renewal, a new talisman tier, and more.

One of the things that this update doesn't bring is any news on the much-desired Blade and Soul Unreal Engine 4 upgrade. This upgrade, which is also known as Frontier World or, more informally, as Blade and Soul Complete, boosts the visuals but also introduces some changes to the battle mechanics. It is live in Korea since February 2020 and NCSoft US has communicated that their goal is to release this upgrade in North America and Europe during 2020.

However, as months go by and with the looming crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic potentially limiting staff and resources all around the world, we'll have to wait and see if it truly releases before the end of the year.

You can watch the Blade and Soul Astromancer class trailer below to get in tune with the character's cosmic abilities.

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