Is Blade & Soul joining the Battle Royale bandwagon?

Blade & Soul Battle Royale mode

Blade & Soul Korea recently got its new Greatsword-wielding Warrior class, the one that NA Producer Jonathan Lien talked about in his plans for the rest of 2018.

However, that is not the focus of this news, but the possibility of a Battle Royale mode making it into Blade & Soul. It's not that unlikely or absurd as some of you may think it is, considering that both MapleStory 2 and Moonlight Blade, two MMORPGs, are already doing it. This is strictly unofficial for now, and solely based on the map that one Chinese gamer discovered buried deep in the latest Korean update files (thanks MMOCulture). This is nothing but speculation for now, but considering the Battle Royale craze and how everyone seems to be interested in taking a slice of the pie, it could eventually happen later this year.

For now, here are two videos from Blade & Soul's Summer update, which includes the new Warrior class.

Blade & Soul Battle Royale mode

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