Blade & Soul: Celestial Dawn update goes live today

Blade & Soul: Celestial Dawn update

If there's one thing Blade & Soul players definitely can't complain about, it is the amount of content that NCsoft releases every other month. Celestial Dawn is the next update to land, and this is going to happen today.

Celestial Dawn brings the second and final part of the Nightfall Sanctuary, a 12-player raid with an epic conclusion battling the Grand Celestial Emperor. A new solo Heroic Dungeon called Circle of Sundering is another challenge waiting for you, and it seems that your mind is being tested in this dungeon, as you have to “avoid falling into madness”. A couple of new events will run between June 20 and July 25: Weaponsmith’s Forge and Raid Crusade.

There are other improvements and additions which you can check on the Celestial Dawn patch notes.

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