Blade & Soul closed beta includes surveys, currency exchange and store

With the first Blade and Soul closed beta weekend approaching fast (October 30, in case you're feeling too lazy to click on that link), NCsoft released a few details on what we can expect from the beta.

First of all, you'll have test NCoin, in case you're the owner of a Founder's Pack. What this means is that you can purchase stuff from the Hongmoon Store and it won’t subtract from your real NCoin total. Your Founder's Pack items will also be shiny and new once the game officially launches. Then we have surveys, a way for the studio to get some additional feedback on the game while rewarding players for their honest opinion.

Currency Exchange allows players to buy and sell gold between each other using NCoin, with the trading price being determined by player demand. Let's hope this won't pave the way for gold farming.

Finally, the in-game store (Hongmoon Store) is where you can use the test NCoin, or the Hongmoon Coin, a free currency you earn while playing the game. Cosmetic and consumable items are available but the prices aren't final. However, give this a try and see what cool items you can find.

We're definitely going to take a look at Blade and Soul – we have to, considering we've been following this game for many years now – so make sure to stay tuned for our impressions on the western version.


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