Blade & Soul is coming to consoles, developed in North America

Blade & Soul console

During the Q2 2017 financial reports, NCsoft has revealed that a console version of Blade and Soul is in development. This version – or versions, since the studio didn't specify the consoles, although we're betting PS4 and XBox One – is being developed in North America and will receive the same content as the PC release, which launched in January 2016 in the west.

There's no release date for Blade & Soul console edition – let's call it that for now – but we would aim at mid-2018. NCsoft saw its revenues through the roof thanks to the success of Lineage Mobile, and has other mobile games in development such as Aion Legions and Blade & Soul Mobile. You can see the Q2 2017 financial chart below, and notice how Blade & Soul is still going strong.

Blade & Soul is going through a server merge tomorrow in North America and Europe, but this is said to be due to more and more players reaching endgame content and becoming harder to find raiding groups.

NCsoft chart


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