Blade & Soul Costume Design Contest winners revealed

NCsoft has revealed the two winners of the Blade & Soul costume design contest, Esyllincott from North America and EdoSky from Europe. You can watch the winning designs below as well as the motivations behind each one, in the words of the creators.

These costumes will make it into the North American and European versions of the game, being the most noticeable prize for the winners. Blade and Soul is entering closed beta this fall.


“At first the idea was to design a costume with chainmail to add a little bit of western element to the design, but later realized it wouldn't fit the Blade & Soul theme, so the decision was to make a winter coat as design base and move on from there. If you are going to conquer the West during winter, you better put on some clothes.”



“Since this costume is designed for NA and EU, I wanted to give a Western/ European mix, with a touch of BnS Asian culture. This design resulted in a mix of cowboy themes and European high fashion/armor. The name “Regium Corvus”, which is Latin for “Royal Crows” was based off the colors being Royal Blue and Black. But its themed roots in its design was a flock of crows/ravens.”



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