Blade & Soul details group hugs… err, combos

When you've already mastered the personal combos in Blade and Soul – you still have to wait a bit longer, as the first Blade and Soul closed beta weekend only begins in October 30 – then it's time to practice the group combos. Helpfully, NCsoft has talked about this and how it requires teamwork and coordination.

While combos against regular foes and players are of the usual kind – for example, first player uses his ability to knock the enemy down, second player uses grapple to pull him and first player flash kicks him in the face -, the boss combos require more planning. Coordination between a group of players will fill two bars which will represent the boss condition, leaving him vulnerable for that type of condition. For instance, for the boss to become Knocked Down, the party members will need to act quickly and perform Knock Down-afflicting abilities to fill the second bar to successfully knock down the boss.

Give it a read to understand how this works, but know for sure that teamwork will be essential to defeat bosses in Blade & Soul.


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