Blade and Soul Producer’s Letter talks future updates, server merges

Blade and Soul updates

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

July's Blade and Soul Producer's Letter shed some light on the near future plans for this game. One of the things that Jonathan Lien, Blade & Soul Producer mentions is that a server merge is going to happen on August 9. This “server consolidation” aims to help players experience the new raids, as more and more players reach endgame content and it becomes more difficult to find raiding groups:

“This will affect both North American and European servers—the end result being that all players will be transferred to two realms for North America (Yura and Zulia) and three for Europe (Jinsoyun, Eisenherz, and Naksun).”

The near future of Blade & Soul brings the new Fortune Falls update. This adds a new event dungeon where you can earn a swimsuit set for a limited time. Shortly after this comes another update named Dark Origins, with two new high level raids, a continuation of story quests, a new dungeon, systems updates, and loads of new gear and cosmetics. This update is planned for August.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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