Blade & Soul NA and EU resurfaces, new race revealed [April Fools’ Day]

Update: This was our very own April Fools' Day lie. Sadly there's still no news on Blade & Soul NA and EU. Thank you all for your fair play! 🙂

After a couple of years of silence, we finally have some news on the western version of Blade & Soul! An anonymous source close to someone at NCsoft told us that the studio is putting the final touches in this highly anticipated martial arts MMORPG and that a big reveal is expected sometime next week.

There was also some talk about the huge delay that affected the North American and European versions – it seems that there were some internal discussions about the risky nature of the in-game characters and while part of the studio wanted to tone down the sexy content, others wanted to keep it just as in the Korean version. The China version was censored but the game released anyway, while we were left without news for quite some time, due to this heated argument that divided the development team.

Now that the dust has settled and the development continued, it looks like we'll get the non-censored version and there's even an extra as compensation for the time that we waited – a new race called Gin will launch in the western version. The Gin are a nature-friendly race and despise any kind of acts of violence, preferring to sit and relax most of the time. However, they can become fierce warriors whenever needed, drinking some special potions that turn them into tree-like creatures. But there's a catch, and you're not going to like it: this race is locked and will cost $40 for someone to unlock it. Although we didn't get details on this, it looks like you can't unlock the Gin through progress.

Blade & Soul is expected to launch during 2015 and the North American closed beta, we're told, will begin in May.


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