Blade & Soul new expansion Wings of the Raven arrives in February

A new expansion for the fantasy epic Blade & Soul is coming in a couple of weeks, NCSoft has revealed. Titled Wings of the Raven, this update launches on February 8 and brings two new 24-member dungeons, a new Legendary upgrade path, and a new generation of Legendary accessories.

The Skybreak Spire is one of the new dungeons where you'll enter the Naryu fortress still under control by the demonic Raven King, and where Lusung awaits. The other dungeon is Dawn of Khanda Vihar, where 24-players have to face the Meganura, the ancient dragon. The new Legendaries include an axe, bangle, dagger razor, gauntlet, staff and sword lyn blade, and then you have the Clan Battleground ranking, with regular seasons and rewards.

The Wings of the Raven update page is right here.

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