Blade & Soul next content update Unchained adds new Warlock class

Less than a month after getting the first content update Rising Waters, Blade and Soul is already about to receive a new content update called Unchained. The highlight of this update is without a doubt the new class Warlock, exclusive to the Jin and Lyn, but it also brings floor 8, the final floor of the first section of Mushin's Tower. The the Naryu Labyrinth will also be unlocked – all this on March 2.

The Warlock class week will begin February 22, when more info on this class is going to be revealed, but here is the official description:

“Using mid-range abilities, the Warlock snares their enemies, executes fast and furious combos, and can then summon a massive, demonic Thrall to finish them off. The mixture of dark shadowy magic and explosively vibrant techniques, the Warlock has substance, in addition to being able to dish out serious damage.”

NCsoft is going to be kind enough to give everyone a free additional character slot unlock to keep the new Warlock class.

The Naryu Labyrinth (a Heroic dungeon available in both 6- and 4-player versions) offers a dynamic 3-stage encounter for max level players and after each encounter, one of the doors opens randomly, so that every time you enter the labyrinth you'll face a new experience. As for floor 8 of the Mushin’s Tower, you'll get to face an ethereal manifestation of Mushin himself in this Heroic single player encounter.

Blade & Soul recently surpassed the two million registered players in North America and Europe. Looks like it's not doing too bad at all.

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