Blade & Soul pets are coming for level 50 players

 Blade and Soul is getting the Vengeance Breaks expansion on June 1 and one of the highlights is the addition of pets, these cute and cuddly companions that follow you around. They're not fighters but they're more than cosmetic friends, offering defensive bonuses when kept well fed with Petnip.

Exclusive to level 50 players, pets can be obtained as rare drops from Heroic dungeons, or randomly in pet pouches available from the Hongmoon Store. They come in different qualities which determine if they can be traded and upgraded. A heroic pet can evolve 10 times, offering increasingly powerful defensive bonuses, as you can see in this table.

Pets available include a ghost, panda, grizzly cub, dragon, a cute little sheep, an infernal, a few different colors of penguins, and the new griffon and otter pets designed just for North America and Europe. The new griffon pet is available with Vengeance Breaks, and the otter will be available a bit later down the line.


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