Blade & Soul on PS4, PC version this fall – rumor (Updated)

Update: Well, this turned out to be an April Fools joke from It's odd that the original news was posted on March 27, which totally contradicts the idea of April Fools, since… well, April!

Original story: While there are still no official news from NCsoft concerning the North America and Europe versions of Blade & Soul, claims that a fan called “bnsinsider” posted online a Blade & Soul artwork that is in fact a PlayStation 4 cover for the game. This means that NCsoft is working on a PS4 version of Blade & Soul, along with the PC version.

bnsinsider added that the PS4 announcement is expected in April and said that “it won't remain secret soon”. He also added that the studio plans to launch the Gunslinger class at the beginning instead of Warlock. Finally, he expressed his confidence that NCsoft would open the North America Blade & Soul PC server by fall at the latest.

These are all rumors, of course, so take them with a grain of salt.

Here's the Blade & Soul PS4 box art.

blade and soul ps4

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